Charter Date: 
9 September 2014

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With the heralding of its centenary year in 2007 the Durban University of Technology (DUT) takes its place among the distinguished seats of learning in our country and on our continent.  The past 100 years have seen a great deal of change. Vice-Chancellors, professors and students have come and gone; tens of thousands of lives have been enriched by the education received at the Durban University of Technology, and its predecessors. Its dedicated staff, some of whom have been at the institution all of their working lives, have all contributed to the development of a vibrant institution.

The Higher Education landscape changed in South Africa in 2002 when ML Sultan and Technikon Natal merged to form the Durban Institute of Technology on 1 April 2002.  For more historic information, visit Heralding the Centenary, 100 years of wisdom.


Special mention of the Chartering is made in the Conduit on 1 November 2014, with the tagline: "DUT joins one of the world's largest collegiate honour societies"