Charter Date: 
Chartered on: 7 September 2000

The University of the Free State is one of South Africa's oldest universities, and celebrated its centenary in 2004. The UFS is an important research centre. Our seven faculties offer a full range of under- and postgraduate programmes. The University is a multicultural and multi-lingual institution with parallel-medium instruction (English and Afrikaans). We are recognised as a leader in transformation and are committed to serving the community.

Golden Key Highlights

•    2009 Chapter Service Award Winner of US$1,000
•    Took hands with Golden Key Honorary Member in 2008, Marlene Jooste, founder of “I             am a star project” and part-take in various other community service projects.
•    Honorary member, Marlene Jooste, was named the winner of The Inyathelo Women in             Philanthropy Award 2009 given to South Africans who have and are making a difference
•    Gold Chapter Status (2009 – 2002)
•    2008 Regional Community Outreach Chapter Award

Community Engagement

•    I am a STAR project  with Marlene Jooste
•    Show your love at Sunflower House
•    Wheelchair Rally
•    TRG Project
•    Movie night for teens in Heidedal
•    Bartemia school for the deaf and blind
•    Bus crèche
•    Green crèche
•    Project in conjunction with Marlene Jooste
•    Community Awareness Information Day Projects
•    Help with making study material for blind students on campus