Autism Eastern Cape and GK NMMU


Autism Eastern Cape aims to give information and support to families living with autism. It is a registered non-profit organisation. It currently has 17 children with the oldest being 12 years old. It takes up to 20 children max. It has more boys than girls. It has two qualified teachers and three assistant teachers. It has an in house psychologist, a speech therapist and an occupational therapist that are funded by the parents of the children. AEC is an early intervention centre that takes in children from the age of two to about six with the exception of Owethu (12) who had to be pulled out of private school because he was unable to cope. They carry out observations, in cases of children brought in by their parents. They opened up an adult centre that deals with life skills training.

Overall, the experience was great. It was very enlightening; it brought more focus on the fact that not many people out there know a lot about Autism. It brought to light the types of Autism and the kind of care these children need, the patience it requires and attention that they need. Facilities for these children are lacking and if funds can be raised, a lot of Autistic children could be helped. Autistic children are all different, no two kids are the same, but what they need from people is the same. They have concrete thinking and a lot of people need to be aware of what they can do for these children.