BBB Story




Babies Behind Bars is a Non Profit Organization as well as a Public Benefit Organization which was started in 2007 to assist mothers whose children are born during their sentence. These women were sentenced during their pregnancy and give birth during their sentence. Romy Titus, the founder discovered by chance in the year 2000 that babies are born in jail whilst doing a story for prime time news and made it her mission to lend a hand.

Women across South Africa, Namibia and Swaziland find themselves between a ‘rock and a hard place’ when it comes to giving birth behind bars, and being left with the choice of getting to know their bundle of joy in the most unbecoming circumstances or to let the baby grow up away from harsh realities of prison life. 

These are the countries which the organization currently helps, that house mothers and children, but the vision is to assist every child born in an African Correctional Facility.

The ongoing tussle of mothers letting go of the little person they would love to get to know and passing them onto family to raise remains a sore spot for every mother who find themselves doing time for a range of crimes with their babies at their sides.

The mother’s needs are cared for by the state but the babies are the ones that bear the brunt of life behind bars as they are subjected to doing time for a crime they never committed. The organization has realised the need for child friendly environments, pretty painted walls, an outdoor playground for the children to run around and be free in, proper nutrition, warm cosy cots, disposable nappies, clothing for every season and educational toys to stimulate their senses for the duration of the two years that they’re allowed to stay behind behind bars with their mothers.

Through great givers, generous sponsors and good Samaritans we’re able to meet the basic human needs of these children who spend the formative years of their lives behind bars.

According to an international study conducted ‘80% of children born or raised in prison between the ages of 0-5 years come back to prison later in life.’

It’s the organizations dream to make a difference no matter how small, to bring a smile, to lessen the burden, and to ‘Unlock Hope’ where there is only despair.


Every little bit goes a long way...

Help us, unlock the future of tomorrow’s stars.