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Dear Golden Key Member

Heatherdale Children’s Home is an 85 year old Non-Profit Organisation that focuses on child care.  It is based in Athlone, Cape Town, under the sponsorship of the Methodist Church of South Africa.  The Home provides a safe haven for abused or neglected children, ultimately assisting in their rehabilitation.  Heatherdale caters for 25 boys and 35 girls, between the ages of 4 and 18.  The Home aims to provide a place of refuge and support for these children, helping them to develop on an emotional, educational and spiritual level. Heatherdale offers a range of comprehensive programmes that encompasses areas such as life-skills training, therapeutic services, sporting activities, spiritual development and educational support.  The Home mostly works towards family reunification, and in addition, will soon be opening a substance abuse programme for children and adolescents.  Heatherdale ensures that all their activities are in line with the regulations and obligations required by The Children’s Act of 2005.  The Home has many requirements on an ongoing basis that it is unable to meet due to financial constraints.  It currently requires assistance to upgrade the living environment and building structure of the home which is sorely lacking.

I am Bianca Kramer, a Social Work student from UCT who has been placed at Heatherdale for the remainder of my degree.  I am planning and implementing a community intervention, the outcome of which would be to assist the home with these deficiencies and other requirements.  I am accordingly planning a full make-over of the premises, over the weekend of 10-11 October 2015, in order to enrich the living environment for the children.  I am therefore approaching you/ your company/organisation to ask for your assistance in mobilising resources to meet Heatherdale’s needs.  I am requesting donations of paint, building materials, furniture, and other necessities.  In addition, through media coverage and other communications and networking, I will be rounding up community members and other members of the public to donate their time to assist during this make-over. I have also opened a bank account for this project and will be accepting financial donations.

The current facilities include male dormitories and bathrooms, female dormitories and bathrooms, an office area, a social workers’ office, store rooms, two cottages, a computer room, a swimming pool, a courtyard, a hall and a field with a jungle gym.  The facilities are old, run-down and broken and as a result of this, some are dangerous for a children’s environment.

I hope that you can assist Heatherdale and take part in this wonderful project.  The link provides details of the Home’s current requirements, as well as the SARS 18A registration, which will ensure that you will receive the required tax certificate in return for your sponsorship.


If you have any queries relating to this intervention please feel free to contact me at


Kind regards,

Bianca Kramer

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