Congratulations – Curwyn Mapaling: Winner – 2014 Community Service Scholarship Award US$1,000

Personal Statement: Curwyn Mapaling


Curwyn Mapaling.jpg

Personal Quote:

I am honoured to be receiving this award and I am a proud Golden Key member!  Winning this award means so much more than just recognition of my involvement in the 10 organisations I serve.  I would like to thank Golden Key for this award and the communities I volunteer in for allowing me to learn from them, and grow with them, whilst having the privilege of being fortunate enough to help them. Furthermore, it serves as added motivation to continue doing what I love doing, by making it even easier for me to do so.”

Graduate School Concentration:

Psychology (4th Year Baccalaureus Psychologiae: Counselling Student)

Home Town:

Uitenhage (in the Eastern Cape of South Africa)

Affiliations with other membership organizations:

As the Chairperson (2012/13) for the NMMU Student Alumni Society, I led and served as the spokesperson for an organisation of 300 students.  I assisted in the establishment of the NMMU Psychology Society and was later appointed as Advisor.  I am also a Senior How2 Buddy and Senior Peer Helper.  Furthermore, I am a Trainer and Coordinator of Health Science How2 Buddies. I am also the Research Assistant of the Institutional Research Team for Humanising Pedagogy. 

Other Academic, Leadership and Service awards won:

· Abe Bailey Travel Bursary 2014

(Awarded to outstanding university students and young academics (less than 25 years old) to travel to the UK to widen their experience.) 

· Golden Key International Summit Travel Grant

(Awarded to attend the 2014 International Summit in Boston, Massachusetts)

· Peer Helper: Gold Achievement 2013 -2014

· VWSA WSF John Gomomo Education Trust Bursary Programme 2012 -2014

(Awarded to motivated, driven and dedicated individuals who possess excellent communication skills, leadership skills, leadership potential and an above average academic record)

· ALICE Award Winner 2012

(Awarded for going Above and Beyond in Community Outreach)

·Golden Key International Honour Society

(Awarded for achieving Academic Excellence amongst the Top 15% of NMMU students)

·NMMU Student Merit Award Bursary 2012

· Academic Excellence in Introduction to Industrial Psychology 2011

Golden Key experiences:

I am the Vice-President: Leadership and Academics of the Golden Key International Honour Society NMMU Chapter for 2013/14.  Previously, I served as the Event’s Coordinator during the 2012/2013 term of office of the NMMU Chapter.  


Golden Key wishes Curwyn all of the best with his future endeavors.