Congratulations: George Chimowa - 2012 Golden Key Research Grant Winner US$1,000.00

Congratulations to George Chimowa for being named the winner of the 2012 Golden Key Research Grant valued at US$1,000.00

Personal statement of George Chimowa:

George Chimowa.jpgMy name is George Chimowa a PhD student in physics at the University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg, South Africa. I am a Zimbabwean national but currently residing in South Africa. I am very grateful to the Golden key honours society for awarding me this research grant, the funds will go a long way in supplementing my travel expenses to any international conference where I will be able to share, learn and interact with other researchers in the field of nanotechnology. Winning this award means a lot as it motivates and inspires me to work even harder in my research knowing that there are people out there who appreciate and support our efforts and dreams. My current research project is probing the response of carbon based nano-materials to high frequency signals in the GHz range. Prior to that I graduated from the same University with a distinction for my MSc degree and was awarded bursaries by the DST- NRF, Centre of Excellence in strong materials and the University Postgraduate Merit award to further my research work.   My experience with the Golden key has so far only been at local chapter level and it has been an enlightening, fun and humbling experience. The meetings we sometimes have with some influential people in our society challenges us and give you a sense of: I should always strive to make difference in other people’s lives because with that comes great satisfaction.