Congratulations - Willem de Beer: Winner - 2014 Education Debt Reduction Award, US$5,000

 Personal Statement: Willem de Beer

Willem de Beer.jpg

“When times are good, be happy; but when times are bad, consider this: God has made the one as well as the other. Therefore, no one can discover anything about their future” - (Ecclesiastes 7:14).

My name is Willem Frederik Andries de Beer; I come from Pretoria, South Africa. I am an ordained minister of the Dutch Reformed Church, studied Theology, and represent my country as a track and field athlete. Today is a time to be happy. Both good and bad times are reality in life and echo’s through the lives of our friends and family as well as our own.

Today I am the proud receiver of the Golden Key 2014 Education Debt Reduction, Fall Selection. I received the award for Student Sportsman of the year 2012 as well as the Vice-Chancellor and Principals award for exceptional academic and sports performance in 2012 at my University. Those do not compare with receiving this scholarship from Golden key.

After finishing my post graduate degree in 2013 and becoming a Golden Key member in 2014 I had no idea what the future holds for me. After seven years of study I had a substantial amount of study loans to pay off. It would have taken me four more years by myself considering other living costs as well. This award not only made my life easier but motivates me to follow my dreams. But today I am given the opportunity to settle my affairs of the past and start working on my dreams for tomorrow which includes:

  • Starting another post graduate qualification in the field of Practical Theology.
  • Pursuing Olympic glory as a professional athlete.

Focus on giving back to my sport and being active in the community.

Thank you Golden Key