Durban Children’s Home - GK UKZN, Howard Chapter Visit


Project Summary:       


We decided to pay a visit to the Durban Children’s as one of our community service projects. The home could only allow two members from our committee to visit the children. Tanya and Abongile were the two members that went, they were admitted into Saunder’s House with approximately 20 children in the pre-adolescent age group. They played games with the children and had a dance show where the children received a sweet for dancing 



The children at the home are absolutely delightful, which is why we also want to make this an on-going project. In order for us to be granted permission to visit the home in larger numbers, all members need to get a police clearance from the police. Once we get that sorted out we plan on helping the care givers with extra supervision on their Saturday outings or in house activities such as baking with them. The care giviers have expressed that their biggest area of need is adult supervision for the children as they cannot be left unsupervised.  We can offer supervision while they cook and clean.

Unfortunately we were not allowed to take pictures with the children as many of them come from very sensitive backgrounds.