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Welcome back to 3rd term 

June exams are a distant memory, and with all the hard work from our learners, tutors and school partners, we are expecting some spectacular results. Most of our schools' reports go out next week, and we will be monitoring our learners' improvement closely to share with you. 

Brighter Futures have recently opened up 3 new centres in Florida Park, Kensington and Kempton Park. Our current 9 centres are spread across greater Johannesburg with over 250 learners in total and are growing by 30% every month. 

Over the holidays, we ran an intensive revision programme for ~120 learners at 7 of our centres where we focused on strategies for succeeding in exams. We'll run another revision programme in September and November for those who missed this one. Be sure to sign-up!

New tuition approach: Did you know that if you're taught something, there's only a 5% chance you'll remember it? Whereas if you practice maths problems yourself, or work on problems with your friends, there's a 75% or more chance you'll retain what you learn. 
We've therefore decided to extensively incorporate group work and individual practice in our classes. Join us for classes next week to experience the fun of learning - the Brighter Futures way. 

We look forward to continuing to grow and expand, helping more learners excel in maths this term. 

Warm regards,

Brighter Futures CEO


All our tutors are caring and passionate and take pride in helping our learners achieve their best. Our tutors are carefully screened and are mostly engineering, Bcomm, actuarial university students or graduates who excel in their own fields. 
Minenhle is currently doing his 3rd year in Bcomm Accounting at UJ and wants to be a CA one day. He first tutored maths at his former high school and then joined Brighter futures earlier this year. "I love tutoring as it brings hope to learners and gives them a better understanding of how to solve problems." 
Joseph is studying 3rd year electrical engineering at Wits. He chose this career path because he wants to make a difference in society. He started tutoring with Brighter Futures a year ago. “My learners think that maths are difficult, but it is mostly a mind-set. Once you get the hang of it, you get the fun of it,” he says.  
Retang is doing her masters in Quantity Surveying. She believes education is the cornerstone of development and is therefore excited to be part of Brighter Futures. She joined earlier this year and loves working with her learners and helping them understand maths better.

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