Gerald Chikosi - South Africa CoSM Representative


Congratulations to NMMU Golden Key member, Chapter President of the NMMU Chapter 2011/2012 and elected as Council of Student Member Representative to serve on an international level for Golden Key. We wish you all the best with your term as CoSM!


Born and bred in the land locked country between the Zambezi and Limpopo rivers, Zimbabwe is Gerald Chikosi. He is the fourth born in a family of three brothers and one sister.

Golden Key (GK) has been Gerald’s university life. He became aware of this organisation prior to his studies whilst reading through NMMU’s prospectus. Since then, Gerald was determined to become part of this organisation. This propelled his academic excellence and in 2009 he was inducted into the society. Not only was he satisfied with joining the society but wanted to be the driving force behind its activities. Gerald was then appointed the chapter’s Alumni and Honorary Member Liaison Officer for 2009 – 2010.  His ambitious nature got the best of him and he became the deputy president for 2010 – 2011. During this term of office he had the privilege to represent the chapter at the Golden Key International Summit in Arizona. In 2011, he was elected to be the president of the chapter which position he held until June the 1st 2012.  His success story was plumed when he was elected to be the GK council of student member representative (CoSM) for South Africa. Gerald has been actively involved with Golden Key and he hopes to even take it to greater heights. He is currently enrolled for his Masters degree in Engineering (Mechatronics) which he hopes to complete by the end of the year.

“Power with character is fit to rule”, therefore throughout all these highlights, Gerald was in pursuit of character, without which all this would have come to naught. His successes sorely rest on his morally sound upbringing which he assiduously tries to maintain.