GK NMMU and the Ubuntu Education Fund


Mandela Day July 2013: GK NMMU talk on gender issues at Ubuntu Education Fund


In an effort to strengthen our relationship with the Ubuntu Education Fund we visited them on Mandela Day. 18 July, to use our 67 minutes to discuss gender issues with their Future Leaders, who are a group of promising grade 12 students from the surrounding townships. Their resident social worker presented a talk on the effects of pornography and casual sex and the contributions it makes on violence in society. Thereafter we opened the floor which comprised of GK NMMU members, 3 executive officers and the grade 12 learners. We used the roaming mic system and everyone contributed comments or questions which were initially answered by the social worker but later progressed into an open floor discussion. It was a great afternoon which allowed both the grade 12 students and the GK members to learn a lot from each other’s experiences and opinions. We ended the afternoon by introducing them to the Pledge and gave each student a ‘Make the Pledge’ badge and they all signed our 17metre pledge.

 nmmu ubuntu.jpg