GK SA Members Winners of Various GK International Scholarships & Awards

Golden Key South Africa is proud to announce that we have the talent to bring Golden Key Scholarships & Awards home. The following Golden Key members won these awards:

Stephan Gericke: StudyAbroad.com Golden Key Scholarship, US $1,000 award
University of Pretoria
Personal Statement: "I am Stephan Gericke and a grateful recipient of the 2011 Study Abroad Golden Key Award. I am from Pretoria, South Africa, but I am currently residing in the United Kingdom. Golden Key has contributed to my acceptance as an MPhil student at the University of Cambridge. At the Cambridge’s centre for music and science I am pursuing an education in a specialised and novel field of research which is not widely taught at tertiary institutions in the world, namely the interdisciplinary field of music cognition and perception. I am doing research in the perception of the immediate intelligibility of vocal auditory stimuli and timbre – research which I wish to pursue further on a PhD level. Furthermore, it has always been my dream to study abroad, especially at an institution as world-renowned as Cambridge." View video clip here.

Simonae Kotze:  Golden Key Undergraduate Achievement Scholarship,  US $5,000 award
North-West University, Potchefstroom Campus
Personal Statement: "I received the Golden Key Chapter Award in 2011 which was a great reward for all my hard work. Academics have always been my strongest point and I have achieved many outstanding awards, but the one that stands out for me is the Golden Key Chapter Award that I received last year. It felt like a reward for all my hard work. It is a great honour for me to say with confidence that I am a member of Golden Key. A society of truth and dedicated to helping its members realize their full potential not just in academics but through service as well. At the end of my undergraduate studies I would acquire a BSc degree in Human Movement Science and Physiology."

Ryan Meintjes:  Golden Key Graduate Scholar Award, US $10,000 award
North-West University, Potchefstroom Campus
Personal Statement - To follow shortly