Golden Key Awarded R750 000+ to South African Members in 2013


Congratulations once again to the remarkable South African Golden Key Members who were named winners of various International Scholarships and Awards!

They are:

KM Ikebuaku                          Travel Grant: Asia Pacific Summit – US$2,500

George Chimowa                   GK Education Research Grant – US$1,000

Julia Boonzaier                      GK Study Abroad Award – US$1,000

Yvonne Gartner                     GK Graduate Scholar Award – US$10,000

Fritz Agbor                             Undergrad Achievement Award – US$5,000

Yvonne Gartner                     Community Service Award – US$1,000

Sendi Gandadzanwa             Undergrad Achievement Award – US$5,000

Gerald Chikosi                       GK Graduate Scholar Award – US$10,000

Jan-Willem Steeb                  Undergrad Achievement Award – US$5,000

Muhammed B Ismail             GK Graduate Scholar Award – US$10,000

Fonkui Thierry                      GK Research Grant – US$1,000

Mignon du Preez                   Undergrad Achievement Award – US$5,000

Tariro Anifasi                         Undergrad Achievement Award – US$5,000

 It is a wonderful feeling to provide financial assistance to members who realize their potential!