During June 2014, Charlene Gunter was installed in her post as Director - Corporate Relations at the Golden Key International Honour Society Head Quarters in Atlanta.  Dorette took over from her as Director - South Africa.

Charlene and Dorette.jpg

                               Charlene handing over the reigns to Dorette

Brad Rainey, CEO of Golden Key announced:

We are excited to announce that Charlene Gunter will be joining the Golden Key Atlanta international office staff on 16 June as our new Director of Corporate Relations! Charlene has been the Director of South Africa for 7 years and has been successful and instrumental in managing the GK South African office.   During her time as Director, Charlene was pivotal in creating more than 21 corporate relationships and 15 recruiting partnerships that brought benefits to her members as well as incredible financial support to Golden Key. South African membership grew under her leadership as she added 6 new GK chapters during her tenure as well.

As the Director of Corporate Relations, Charlene will be responsible for all corporate partnerships, sponsorships, member benefits and most importantly, creating a new GK Job and Internship Program.  The Job and Internship Program will not only provide tangible  benefits to our GK membership but also will serve as a new revenue stream for the Society.  “I am so excited to be joining the GKHQ staff and look forward to bringing many new corporate relationships and tangible jobs and internships to our members worldwide,” said Charlene.

We are also thrilled to welcome Dorette Parsons as the new Director of South Africa.  Dorette comes to Golden Key with extensive experience in business, finance and exemplary involvement in non-profit and education. She holds a master’s degree in Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management and will complete an Advanced Program in Taxation at the end of 2014.  Dorette’s overall business background and her skills in strategic planning and management will help to continue the positive growth with GK South African chapters.  “I am honored to be the new Director of South Africa and look forward to continuing the positive growth and image of Golden Key throughout South Africa,” said Dorette.

Please join me in congratulating them both and welcoming Charlene to the Atlanta office.