Great work initiated by Bianca Kramer

Golden Key, UCT member, Bianca Kramer, undertook on own accord the massive project to upgrade the Heatherdale Children's Home in Athlone.

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She wrote:

"Heatherdale Children’s Home in Athlone required assistance to upgrade the living environment, facilities and building structure which were old, run-down and broken. As part of my third year Social Work community work practical I needed to develop a community project. As my colleagues developed initiatives such as picnics, awareness campaigns and fun days, I found myself brainstorming as to how I could develop a project that will not only give these very special children a day of fun and happiness, but also continue to enrich their well-being once the project was over. I decided to develop an initiative mobilizing resources to meet Heatherdale’s needs for a newer, safer and more enriching home environment. I contacted companies, professionals, individuals and organisations requesting donations of paint, building materials, furniture, professional skills and other necessities.

After conducting a needs assessment the target amount came to R1,5 million. Although I knew it was a very ambitious target, I was adamant to do the best I could to reach this goal. I spent my time contacting potential sponsors, facilitating site visits, collecting donations, updating social media, facilitating refurbishments and planning the launch. This was done simultaneously to my full time degree and my practical work at the home. Over the short two and a half months I managed to network and gain generous assistance from many individuals and companies. A large amount of volunteers also assisted when necessary, as this was all very overwhelming for one individual.

On the 10th of October 2015 the renovated home launched with a day of empowering activities and entertainment for the children, sponsors, staff and volunteers enjoyment. Our generous food sponsors allowed this day to also be filled with delicious lunch and treats.

Overall the project raised an estimated R500 000 in cash, donations and services! Thanks to all of you they are able to wake up to a brighter and more vibrant home!

Thank you to KFM, Dis-Chem Pharmacies, Cape Town Plumbing and Bathroom Supplies, AC construction, Lewis stores, Dermatech Training Institute, Charly's Bakery, Caterkid, Myog Frozen Yogurt, Sacks Butchery, In Good Company, Urban Landscape, Maxim Kids, Green Point Salesian Soccer Club , Frankies Soft Drinks, Afrodizzyacts, Helen Cook Make-Up Artistry, Mural Maniac, Adam Zackon, The Grinnell Group of Companies, Jive, Golden Key Society, Craig Ross, the amazing volunteers (thank you all so so much), and all others I have failed to mention - all of your contributions are equally valuable."