ISLP Int'l Diplomacy Feedback, China - Alexandra Higgins


I attended the international Diplomacy programme in China. It was an amazing experience and to be honest I can really only identify positive aspects. It was very well organised, with interesting activities that I felt provided a good balance between tourist and academic activities. Coming from South Africa I was introduced to an area I had previously not engaged with in terms of international politics and the way this works. I felt the programme encouraged long lasting friendships and truly was a phenomenal learning experience, one that I was able to grow from. Another important positive element I feel important to mention is that I constantly felt safe in China due to the organisation of the programme.

All in all it offered interesting challenges and I felt those running the programme made it all the more easier to face those challenges. I found no negative aspects with this opportunity and would happily recommend it to other golden key members. I hope to work with the ISLP at some point in the future as a result of the fantastic experience I had.

In terms of a quote I follow, "Have the courage to believe in yourself and follow your heart".

Thank you again for the wonderful opportunities Golden Key provides and I hope the festive season was a good one. All the best for the New Year.

Alexandra Higgins