Library Project - UWC GK Project


On the 27th of April, we started on our library project at Nooitgedacht Primary School. We had many GK volunteers, members and non-members; the executive itself was a great turn out. However, there was a lot to be done; duties were cleaning of the Library room, cutting of the colour paper for the labelling of the books (colour categorization) and sorting out books and putting them in their specific categories.

On the 8th of May GK UWC, hosted a CV training which was conducted by the Office for Student Development (OSD).  The training was helpful but people were sceptical, not many submitted their CVs for feedback. The turnout was very low, reasons maybe because many were writing tests, preparing for exams or they just did not want to. However, those that attended found very useful.

The Open Day is one of the University's biggest events as it provides the different Faculties and student organizations with the opportunity to market what they have to offer for the prospective student. It is with much pleasure to note that Golden Key UWC Chapter was part of such an event.  It on the 11th of May and this gave Golden Key an opportunity to showcase what the society stands for even before the students enrol so that they make efforts to work hard in order to be invited to the society. This was also a good chance to eliminate the common issue that Golden Key faces which publicity not a lot of people know about Golden Key so this was a stage to prepare these prospective students and get our name out there, as the saying gies "catch them young". The day was characterized by youngsters approaching the information tables asking the executive members what the society was all about, the enthusiasm, excitement and potential was captured as they left the table promising to work hard. Lastly we also got to introduce Golden Key to the parents who were very interested and proud and this is very important if student have their parents supporting them and encouraging them to join Golden Key.


More so, as the UWC Executive team with the help of volunteers, we are having information tables from the 13-15 of May. Thus, showcase the Golden key and help those with enquiries regarding being invited to becoming a golden key member. So far it has been going well and many students are keen to know more about what Golden key is about, its benefits. It has been a success, however, from the experience in the two days of having the tables; many students are not keen to pay the R495 membership fee. Their question is why then do we have to pay, are we supposed to pay for being bright in school? Also, many of the volunteers that seemed interested in helping out have not turned up. On the 15th we will be running our two events concurrently, thus, information tables and our first GK braai fundraising which the proceeds will go towards the Nooitgedacht Primary School project, every executive member had to sell ten coupons prior to the event so that we would not incur a loss in the event that people don’t buy on the day. We anticipate it is going to be a great day for us, towards raising the money we need.