Meltwater is a global Software as a Service (SaaS) company specialising in Online and Social Media Monitoring.  Tracking over 250 000 traditional media outlets and over 300 million social media outlets.  Meltwater is developing no-nonsense software designed to meet the specific needs of businesses around the world. And we don't try to out-innovate or out-develop the rest of the world. Through our ability to identify emerging markets, outsource innovation and leverage our global distribution team, Meltwater speeds point solutions to the market.

Our SaaS solutions help drive efficiency, reduce costs and improve our clients' bottom line. Today, we offer solutions that enable businesses to manage their reputation, target the right journalists, collaborate more effectively, streamline their hiring processes and manage their online marketing campaigns.

At the heart of Meltwater are its people. Meltwater attracts individuals who are smart, focused, adaptable, passionate, entrepreneurial, and who are able to thrive in its autonomous environment. Meltwater offers a diverse range of ever-expanding professional opportunities, without walls or glass ceilings. The majority of Meltwater employees begin their careers as Sales Consultants, then progress through our entry-level management positions. At Meltwater, individuals have the opportunity to grow and move up in the management ranks.

Golden Key International Honour Society is proud of the partnership with international acclaimed Meltwater Group. This professional and sought after relationship was established by Ross Candido, Recruitment Director and Charlene Gunter, Director: South Africa. The partnership aims to assist university students who form part of the top 15% academic high achievers to develop further as professionals as they are role model citizens who not only excel in the classrooms, but also serve as leaders amongst their peers, committed to community service and actively involved in extra-curricular activities. Through this alliance, the future leaders of South Africa will be able to reach their full potential based on respect, having fun, striving to be number one and wanting more from life.