News from the Netherlands from Ansa Brink

Ansa Brink, former Golden Key Chapter President at the University of Pretoria and Student Leader of the Year winner in South Africa in 2008, shared some thoughts on her experiences studying abroad.

"It is a dream come true. I am currently completing a dual master's degree, MCom Econometrics at the University of Pretoria (UP) and MSc Economics at Tilburg University (UVT), Netherlands. Adapting to the lifestyle and spending in Euros did take some time but making new friends, attending new and exciting seminars and the opportunity to meet and interact with people from different cultures from across the world makes more than up for the VERY COLD weather, all the rain and the constant snow. My years at UP, has definitely been filled with great experiences. I’ve learned that the more you put into something the more you get out and if you attempt more, there is no real time for procrastination, which makes any time spent more efficient and effective. My two years on the Executive committee of Golden Key have taught me that anything is possible with motivation, determination and a strong support structure of family and friends and colleagues."