SOS Children’s Village Holiday Club


The Golden Key Pietermaritzburg Chapter visited the SOS Children’s Village over the holidays. The village is home to children from a diverse range of backgrounds and circumstances, aged from 2 to 22 years old.  During school holidays many of the children are left with no option but to stay at the village and a holiday club is therefore organised to occupy and entertain them.  Golden Key’s involvement with this program was diverse and enriching.  They invited Louise Win, a local pottery teacher, who facilitated lessons with the children for a whole day.  The children were encouraged to play with clay, creating sculptures and having fun whilst at the same time gaining important tactile and muscle coordination skills. 

The volunteers also participated as judges for the children’s talent show, a lively and joyous event that went a long way in boosting confidence and rewarding creativity and courage.  They also had one of our members (Bongi) run a ‘chat room’ over two days, sitting down with the children and being an objective outside voice for the children who often feel that they cannot share worries or questions with their house mothers.  Bongi is a Masters student in psychology, and therefore had a good opportunity to skillfully put her counseling training into practice.

They began a project which saw us repainting the village library, a project that is still underway.  Our vision is to not only repaint the book library, but also the toy library next door, and to begin to encourage creative and imaginative play in the village, instilling a love of reading and creating in the children. We hope that this is the start of a long and rewarding relationship between SOS and Golden Key.