TEACH South Africa

Short Company profile
TEACH South Africa is a public benefit organization led by the South African business community in direct response to finding ways to improve South Africa’s economy. After years of researching educational initiatives around the world, the TEACH South Africa founding members decided to be part of the solution by placing highly skilled and motivated recent university graduates in the classroom. Our goal is to recruit, train and support the most talented university graduates to commit to teaching for a minimum of two years in some of South Africa’s most disadvantaged schools. In the long-term, TEACH Ambassadors will form an alumni movement, informed by their experience in the classroom, who will fight for educational equality for learners all over South Africa by using their influence in whatever sector they decide to work in.

Job description
TEACH South Africa recruits exceptional graduates from all social and academic backgrounds to become TEACH Ambassadors (paid educators) for the TEACH South Africa program. These TEACH Ambassadors are needed to teach Maths, Science, Technology or English at challenged urban and rural schools for a minimum of two years.

Person Requirements
Applicants need to have successfully completed a Bachelor’s degree or B-tech by 2011, or must have graduated with a degree in the last five years. Applicants must have taken one of the following subjects for at least one year at tertiary level: Maths, English, Physics, Chemistry or Technology.

Qualification Requirements
We accept graduates from all academic backgrounds besides the Education and Law faculties.  Candidates must hold a Bachelor’s degree or B-tech with Maths, English, Physics, Chemistry or Technology in it.

How to Apply
Candidates can apply online only at www.teachsouthafrica.org

First deadline: 30 June 2011
Final deadline: 20 September 2011

Contact details:
Shesnee Naidoo: Recruitment Manager
011 2098063/ 082 3836687 Email: apply@teachsouthafrica.org