What Golden Key means to me - Liebe Jeannot (GK Alumni)

On that lovely winter evening in August, I was inspired and knew that I wanted to become involved in this organisation. It was the Golden Key Induction Ceremony and the air was filled with excitement and anticipation.

After the Induction ceremony was over, I approached some of the Committee members and spoke to them about how I could get involved in this society. I was excited…after a year of downtime from serious involvement in an organisation, I was ready to join the committee of the Stellenbosch Chapter and add to it my personal touch.

After one year of serving as the Community Service director, I went on to becoming the Chapter President of the Stellenbosch University Chapter, and also served a short term as the South African member of the Council of Student Members. I was proud to be a part of this international society and served with enthusiasm and dedication!

Golden Key has done so much for me. The thing I most appreciate about my time in service is that it gave me the space to grow my leadership skills. I had the opportunity to lead a team and provided the direction the chapter needed in order to achieve the goals we’d set ourselves. I also had the opportunity to work with some amazing people…from my great chapter team to the advisors…I was fortunate to be surrounded by such hardworking and dedicated individuals. I not only networked with other university leaders, but also had numerous opportunities to network with fellow Golden Key leaders, both locally in South Africa and abroad. Golden Key became my global family and one always had the feeling of being part of a growing and impactful organisation.

Not only does Golden Key give recognition to its members and provide personal development programs, but more importantly it gives back to the community. I was inspired to see a group of people coming together and organising events to benefit people in their communities…from little kiddies at crèches, to school kids and the greater community.

 I am glad to have made Golden Key a part of my life and will always treasure my time spent in service. Quite unexpectedly, I happened to meet my other half thanks to Golden Key too. The Golden Key International Conference of 2007 not only gave me the opportunity to attend amazing workshops and networking events, but it’s the place where I met Cedric! So you see, there are other benefits in addition to the traditional ones you are told about at those Information Table events!