Wits Chapter - CANSA Support Campaign


Wits Golden Key Society has decided to form a strategic partnership with the Cancer Association of South Africa (CANSA), to help raise awareness of childhood cancer through selling golden ribbons. The golden ribbon is an international symbol for childhood that is used to unite under, if people know what it means. Sadly, when asked, most people are not able to identify the gold ribbon as the symbol of childhood cancer awareness. Therefore, through "Going Gold", Golden Key will be helping families and children undergoing cancer treatment and their families to feel that more awareness and support exists for the battle they are waging with childhood cancer .It is in this regard that Wits Golden Key has purchased 100 ribbons from CANSA, and has been selling the ribbons to the Wits community at R10.00 per ribbon as a means to raise awareness of childhood cancer. The money that is raised from the ribbon sales has been given to CANSA-tlc to help meet the financial commitments that they have towards providing care for under privileged children undergoing cancer treatment.

As of current state, Wits Golden Key is not allowed to sell ribbons because the university is in monotorium, meaning University clubs and societies are not allowed to have any promotions, events or anything that involves a student not focusing on their mid-year examinations. Therefore, selling golden ribbons during the May-June months would be operating against the dean’s monotorium policy. However, Wits Golden Key has plans to increase their golden ribbon sales in July because of the positive response that it has received from the Wits community, especially in the Medical School.

The costs incurred are R1000.00 that was spent on purchasing golden ribbons from CANSA to sell. Golden Key has plans to increase these sales based as the interest in golden ribbons sales increase within the Wits Community.