Frequently Asked Questions

“We believe in growing talent from within. This requires not only for us to have amongst the best learning environment but also to be able to get the best of minds into our talent pipeline. Golden Key partnership provides us the best opportunity to not only grow future leaders for Procter &Gamble, but also for Africa.” Mr Arvind Chandak, Procter & Gamble, HR Director for South and East Africa

11. The Golden Key Chapter Award:

Each year, new members are eligible for the Golden Key Chapter Awards (R10 000 is available to each chapters for these awards).

Please note - The standard and total of applications received will determine the distribution of these awards.
Apply for a New Member Chapter Awards
As soon as your membership has been processed, you will receive a confirmation e-mail from Golden Key. This e-mail will contain your Golden Key Membership Number. Use this number to apply for the New Member Chapter Awards at . These Awards are open to all new members whose applications are received by the deadline date.
Emphasis is placed on academic achievement as recognised by your university, participation in university activities, demonstrated leadership, community service involvement with special recognition for service to the youth and participation in extracurricular activities.

12. What scholarships and awards are available through joining Golden Key?

Golden Key annually awards a total of US$ 500 000 to students through a variety of scholarship programmes. Details of ALL the  International Scholarships and Awards can be found on the web site: under the Award Listings.

Please note the 15 June and 15 December deadlines.

12. What scholarships and awards are available through joining Golden Key?

Golden Key annually awards a total of US$ 500,000 to students through a variety of scholarship programmes. Applications are open to all members.

Details of ALL the  International Scholarships and Awards can be found on the web site: under the Award Listings.

Please note the strict deadline dates of 15 June and 15 December.

13. Am I required to participate after I have become a member?

Various opportunities to participate are available.  Participation is purely voluntary.    
Golden Key was founded on the principle that any student who meets the established academic criteria can become a member and access the benefits offered.  Participation is highly encouraged but voluntary.    
However, Golden Key provides excellent networks and opportunities to actively participate at the local, regional, national and even international level.  Thousands of Golden Key members have utilised these opportunities to develop their leadership skills, engage in community service, and enhance their personal network.  
You can make the most out of your membership by:
• Applying for scholarships and awards.

 Regularly checking your emails; both the international ( and SA ( websites and Facebook pages for events to partake in.

 Serving on the chapter executive committee.

• Participating in the chapter’s service, academic or social activities.

•  Attending the annual Golden Key national and international summits.

14. The deadline has passed; can I still join?

Yes. Prospective Members have until 30 November of each year to join Golden Key.    
Complete step one of the online joining process and submit your proof of payment to the SA Office ( as soon as possible.

You may still attend the New Member Ceremony, but your certificate will not be presented to you at the Ceremony. The certificate (and pin if selected) will be mailed to the permanent address you provided on your Member Profile form.

15. I have lost my invitation, how can I obtain a replacement from Golden Key?

Once we have verified that you have qualified for membership at our university, we will send you another invitation.    
Contact the SA Office, at in this regard and/or if you still have questions.

16. I meet Golden Key’s requirements, but I haven’t received an invitation. Why?

There are a number of possible reasons:
• The information was not received from the university due to privacy restrictions, in terms of the POPI Act.

 The University has provided your student email address and you no longer have access to it.

 Your surname has changed.

 You have not completed all modules that are required for a full first academic year.

 You are on an extended degree programme.

 You have transferred between Universities.

 You have changed your degree programme or faculty.

 Your email service provider regarded your invitation as spam or junk mail and blocked the delivery of the invitation.

Contact the SA Office (on in this regard and/or if you still have questions as Golden Key SA Office can do an eligibility enquiry for you.

17. If I am not on the list of eligible students, but I think I qualify, what should I do?

Contact the SA Office in this regard  OR Complete an Eligibility Enquiry Form at the Campus Information Tables.  Forward the form along with your complete academic transcript to the Director of GKSA (

18. I recently transferred to this university and have not received an invitation, though I think I qualify; can I join?

Once we have verified that you have at least all the required first academic year modules and that you meet our academic cut-off requirements, we can send you an invitation.
Please contact the Golden Key SA Office in this regard, at

19. I received an invitation from my previous university, but I am currently studying at another university which also has a Golden Key chapter; which chapter should I join?

You must join the chapter that sent you the invitation. You are more than welcome to attend your current university's New Member Ceremony. We at the Golden Key SA Office need to be informed as we need to prepare your certificate to be present at the ceremony you’ll attend. Then you should contact the chapter at your current university and make sure that they have your details.
You are entitled to participate in all the activities of your new chapter, because your Golden Key membership is transferable to any Golden Key membership chapter in the world.