Frequently Asked Questions

“We believe in growing talent from within. This requires not only for us to have amongst the best learning environment but also to be able to get the best of minds into our talent pipeline. Golden Key partnership provides us the best opportunity to not only grow future leaders for Procter &Gamble, but also for Africa.” Mr Arvind Chandak, Procter & Gamble, HR Director for South and East Africa

20. Are graduate students allowed to join?

Yes! If you are a Masters or Doctorate degree student and have completed your post-graduate degree and are not yet a Golden Key member – you’ll receive an invitation. Honours degree students who fall in the top 15% list and who have not taken up Golden Key membership before, will also receive an invitation.

Even if you are a recent graduate and just completed your undergraduate degree you can also receive an invitation as it is based on your cumulative academic percentage average.
Contact the Golden Key SA Office for further assistance.

21. I am already a member, but I have not heard anything from the Society since I joined. Why?

Does Golden Key have your correct information (phone number, e-mail address, postal address)?  Please update all contact information on the web site: and SIGN IN. You will need your Golden Key Membership Number to do this which was sent to your e-mail address you provided on your Profile Form when you joined.
If you need your Membership Number, please contact the Golden Key SA Office or e-mail for assistance.
Do you check your e-mail inbox regularly?  Remember, Golden Key primarily uses e-mail to communicate with its members and our messages won’t be delivered if your inbox is full.  Please also make sure that your spam settings don’t block e-mails from Golden Key.
Did you attend any local chapter activities or meetings?  This is the best way to get actively involved.

22. I joined last year, and I received another invitation this year OR I joined Golden Key while attending another university. Do I have to join and pay the membership fee again?

No, you are only required to pay the Golden Key once-off membership fee at the point when you joined the Society.  There are several reasons why you received another invitation:
•    Your name on our record, as you provided to us previously, does not perfectly match
    what    the university recently provided us.  Please disregard the invitation you received this year.
•    If you recently changed your name (got married), we would not be able to tell if you are a member. Please disregard the invitation and update your information with us at:
•    You are now at another university and we did not know that you transferred.  Please update your information with us at: and get in touch with the local Golden Key chapter.
We apologise if you received another invitation, but due to our prospective and current  members privacy we discard previous top 15% lists we receive annually from the universities.

23. What happens if my cumulative academic percentage average drops after I join?

Your membership will not be withdrawn due to a lower percentage. We encourage you, however, to keep up the standard of academic excellence.

24. If I can not afford to join, what options do I have?

The invitation to join is valid until 30 November in the year stated on your invitation letter, so you can save up and join after the initial deadline date.  No applications will be accepted after 30 November each year.

Please note that partial payment can not be made to Golden Key.

Speak to the Advisor at your Chapter about your Golden Key fee being subsidized.

Please contact the Golden Key SA Office if you have further questions.

25. Will I continue to receive benefits after graduation?

Opportunity to apply for 12  US$ 100,000 graduate scholarships and many more. Visit and view the Scholarship and Award listings on-line. Our corporate partners with job vacancies and networking opportunities also still target many Alumni.

Some members who have graduated stay involved with the local university’s Golden Key chapter. As an Alumni Member you can also attend activities planned by any Golden Key chapter in South Africa.
Golden Key will stay in touch with you after your graduation to remind you of benefits as long as you update your contact information once a year on the web site:

26. How can Golden Key offer me Career Assistance?

From time to time, Golden Key partners (organisations and companies in South Africa who target top talent) will open career opportunities to Golden Key members to support their recruitment objectives.  Golden Key members will be informed of such opportunities via e-mail.
Golden Key does NOT share our members’ details with our partners and/or any third party.
View our Partners tab on for more information on our corporate partners and affiliations.