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2015 Mini-Summit Feedback

Event Date: 
Thu, 10/29/2015 (All day) - Wed, 11/04/2015 (All day)

Dear Delegate

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GKSA staff supporting ESRA House - Wednesday, 21 October 2015

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The Golden Key SA staff will be sorting and packing clothes for the newly registered

ESRA House for children on Wednesday, 21 October.

Members will be invitated to join us in supporting their projects from 2016.


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“A fundamental concern for others in our individual and community lives would go a long way in making the world the better place we so passionately dream of.” Nelson Mandela

MANDELA WEEK: 06th to 18th of July 2015

“Together we can make every day a Mandela Day.”

Dear Volunteers, Friends of Tateni, Founders and Partners,

Tateni Home Care Nursing Services is pleading with you to offer services and support during the 2015 Mandela week!

We invite business, corporates, community organisations, partners, friends and the community to join Tateni 2015 International Mandela Day celebrations to donate 67 minutes to change the world for the better.

Your participation in any of the following activities and in kind donation would be highly appreciated:

The Drop-in Centres Buitumelo at Mogale Primary School and the one at Mahlasedi Masana Primary School in Mamelodi East do not have facilities for cooking, and for an environment for adequate afterschool programme activities of our beneficiaries. Both centres are each visited by over 35 children per day.

To eliminate these situations Tateni plans to set up container structures at both centres with estimated costs of R50, 000.00 each. These will offer kitchen facilities, enough space for 40 children, a play area and a healthy environment for our beneficiaries to develop.


Office equipment - Refurbished or new laptops; Wireless microphones; An amplifier for our PA-system; A projector for awareness campaigns in our Drop- in Centres and Stationery- especially office paper.

Breaking the cycle of Poverty Programme - Career guidance workshops facilitation; Life skill courses; Motivational speakers; Tutors for extra classes especially for maths and science andSkills training for out of school youth.


Tetani offices - Globes (florescent)energy saving; Painting of offices and classes, window frames and burglars; Providing shelving for the store room; Security re-enforcement for doors and windows for our office; Re-enforcement of perimeter barbed wire fence; Folding tables and Office furniture and couches for the student Social Workers’ offices at three local High Schools where they undertake their practical work.

School uniforms - School shoes for boys and girls; Jerseys; Trousers and tunics; Shirts; Shoe threading needle; Black shoe polish and brushes and Sanitary pads and panties.

For vulnerable and needy Families - Provision of 100 food parcels; Winter and summer clothing Blankets.

Educational extra mural activities equipment - Educational toys for children Soccer kit and soccer balls; Netball kit and balls; Skipping ropes; Chess boards; Crayons (general stationery); Hula-hoops and Library books for children and for high school students.

Gardening - Ground cover flowers; Aloe plants; Electronic lawn mower; Herbs; Top soil for lawn; Seedlings; Labour for Planting of seedlings; Pruning of fruit trees; Leaf rake X 4; Petrol for transport and grass- cutting machine andPest control, especially rodents in the drop in centres.


Please inform us on which activities you would be interested to make the community of Mamelodi a better place. Donations in cash and in-kind would be most appreciated.

The main event for the “67 Minutes for Mandela Day” will be celebrated on the 18th July 2015 at Tateni centre, not forgetting though that “every day is a Mandela Day”.

Kindly extend the invitation to your family and friends.

Contact details for any enquiries at: 012 805 9109

E- mail:


Yours in Community Service

Regina Mokgokong: Executive Director


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Community Intervention - Heatherdale Children's Home

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Dear Golden Key Member

Heatherdale Children’s Home is an 85 year old Non-Profit Organisation that focuses on child care.  It is based in Athlone, Cape Town, under the sponsorship of the Methodist Church of South Africa.  The Home provides a safe haven for abused or neglected children, ultimately assisting in their rehabilitation.  Heatherdale caters for 25 boys and 35 girls, between the ages of 4 and 18.  The Home aims to provide a place of refuge and support for these children, helping them to develop on an emotional, educational and spiritual level. Heatherdale offers a range of comprehensive programmes that encompasses areas such as life-skills training, therapeutic services, sporting activities, spiritual development and educational support.  The Home mostly works towards family reunification, and in addition, will soon be opening a substance abuse programme for children and adolescents.  Heatherdale ensures that all their activities are in line with the regulations and obligations required by The Children’s Act of 2005.  The Home has many requirements on an ongoing basis that it is unable to meet due to financial constraints.  It currently requires assistance to upgrade the living environment and building structure of the home which is sorely lacking.

I am Bianca Kramer, a Social Work student from UCT who has been placed at Heatherdale for the remainder of my degree.  I am planning and implementing a community intervention, the outcome of which would be to assist the home with these deficiencies and other requirements.  I am accordingly planning a full make-over of the premises, over the weekend of 10-11 October 2015, in order to enrich the living environment for the children.  I am therefore approaching you/ your company/organisation to ask for your assistance in mobilising resources to meet Heatherdale’s needs.  I am requesting donations of paint, building materials, furniture, and other necessities.  In addition, through media coverage and other communications and networking, I will be rounding up community members and other members of the public to donate their time to assist during this make-over. I have also opened a bank account for this project and will be accepting financial donations.

The current facilities include male dormitories and bathrooms, female dormitories and bathrooms, an office area, a social workers’ office, store rooms, two cottages, a computer room, a swimming pool, a courtyard, a hall and a field with a jungle gym.  The facilities are old, run-down and broken and as a result of this, some are dangerous for a children’s environment.

I hope that you can assist Heatherdale and take part in this wonderful project.  The link provides details of the Home’s current requirements, as well as the SARS 18A registration, which will ensure that you will receive the required tax certificate in return for your sponsorship.


If you have any queries relating to this intervention please feel free to contact me at


Kind regards,

Bianca Kramer

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International merit for UKZN Chapter President - Nerissa Naidoo

 The Rising Sun (Chatsworth) reported on 2 June that Nerissa will be spending six months conducting par of her doctoral research at Ghent University in Belguium.  She was awarded the prestigious Inspire Mobility Scholarship, funded by the Erasmus Mundus Programme.

Ms Naidoo graduated wit a Bachelor of Medical Science deree, majoring in Clinical Anatomy and Physiology in 2011, completing her honours in Anatomy in 2012.Nerissa will be attending the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery and Traumatology where she will conduct anatomical and biomechanical shoulder work related to two subsets of her doctoral research.  Her study pertains to the field of Clinical Human Anatomy.

The Rising Sun quoted her:

"Service to humanity is something I hold close to my heart and I have been involved in it since my secondary education.  I have the opportunity to be actively involved in various academic, leadership and community service projects.  I feel that these tanible benefits of serving and sharing have and continue, to transform my own life".

Golden Key is proud!

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Adams & Adams & GK UKZN Pietermaritzburg promotes law...

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Law profession's day is an annual event planned by the University of KwaZulu-Natal in order to expose law students to firms that offer bursaries, vacation work and other opportunities.  This year, Golden Key participated in the event and was connecting law students with law firms who are Golden Key Corporate Partners.  Golden Key also used the opportunity to promote Golden Key and take details of students who feel are eligible to be part of the society.

On behalf of GK SA - a great big Thank You to both Adams & Adams and the Pietermartizburg Committee.

2015-02-25 UKZN PMB A&A II.jpg

2015-02-25 UKZN PMB A&A I.jpg



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The SA Office has received a few queries regarding ways to plan one’s travels to the Summit as well as individuals asking for an estimate of the total costs involved. We wish to share some information that might assist you in making your travel arrangements. Unfortunately, there is no way for us to inform you of your personal travel itinerary, we don't know whether you are going for 3 days, or 22 days; flying directly, or stopping over; visiting some other destination before or after the summit; staying on at the accommodation provided or using different accommodation; travelling alone or in a group; flying to Sydney and then hire a car and doing a road trip up the coast? All these decisions will determine how much your trip overseas will cost.  The exchange rate at the time of purchase is another determining factor that will impact expenses. All these have to be researched and decided upon by yourself to determine the best fit for your travel itinerary and budget.  These arrangements can be frustrating, but see it as part of the thrill and the fun of travelling abroad.  Hopefully the information below will assist you and provide some clarity to the questions that you might have.

Your first port of call should be the Summit Website

Most of the information below has been copied from the website or googled. The website also includes this helpful app to help you plan your journey.

Remember to apply for theTravel Grant before 30 January 2015!!!


You will have to investigate which flights are the most affordable, bearing in mind that these prices change on a weekly basis.  Flight costs differ depending on which dates and time of day you intend to fly.  At the end of last year the cheapest flights, for example, were about R12 000. Now, they are about R15 000.  This is why we advise that you book your flights as soon as possible, for the prices will continue to escalate.

Perhaps use; or similar websites as a starting point to compare different flight prices.  You should investigate the price difference between different airlines, departure and arrival dates and times, direct flights or stop-overs, duration of lay-overs, etc.

It is likely that your flight from SA will arrive at the Brisbane Airport (BNE), which is approximately 83.8 km from the hotel, seeing that this is the primary international airport serving Brisbane and South East Queensland.  Alternatively, the Gold Coast Regional Airport (OOL) is approximately 23 km away from the venue, but mostly hosts domestic flights from within Australia’s borders.


Details regarding the accommodation during the summit are on the website.  A discounted rate has been negotiated for the evenings of the summit, each room costing $230-$240 AUD. This translates to about R 2 300 per room.  Depending whether you wish to share a room or not; the type of room you book (2 kings sized beds or 1 single bed, for example); what the hotel’s arrangements and policies entail regarding the sharing of rooms.  Sharing the cost of a room between 4 people will cost you roughly R575 per night per person.

You are welcome to book another venue for accommodation, but remember that you will have to pay extra for transport every day to and from the summit venue.  Students have taken this option in the past and afterwards admitted that it had cost more to stay away from the venue in comparison to the discounted accommodation rates organised by GK.  However, this is something you will have to research yourself.

Then, depending whether you are only staying for the duration of the summit; arriving one or several days before; departing one or several days after the summit - the number of nights accomodation required will influence the cost involved.  Remember that the special negotiated rates are only for the evenings of the summit.  You need to decide whether you wish to continue to stay at the Marriott Resort or if you will be using other accommodation for an extended stay.  All travel arrangements and bookings are your own responsibility!


In general, Australia is expensive for South Africans and this can be seen in their food prices.  We suggest budgeting a minimum of R200 per meal.  For example: a Coka-Cola will cost around $3AUD = R30; a regular Cappuccino around $4 AUD = R36; and a cheap meal at an inexpensive restaurant around $17 AUD = R150.  These prices are according to the following website.

During the Summit the following meals will be provided:

- On Thursday 16 July hors d'oeuvre will be served at dinner;

- On Friday 17 July you will be provided with coffee/tea and a light breakfast, as well as lunch; and

- On Saturday 18 July you will be provided with coffee/tea and a light breakfast, and the not-to-missed formal gala dinner (if you had booked for the gala dinner).

You will have to cater for the other meals and any additional snacks or beverages you might consume during your travels and the summit period, for example, when you go out in the evenings.  Note that the hotel is not of the Bed-and-Breakfast type.


Once again the decision is up to you and more information about different ground transportation options are provided on the summit website.  We suggest ou investigate and decide your transport arrangements beforehand (even book your shuttle priot to departure) by following the links on the website and by using Google Maps.  THESE ARE ALL YOUR OWN RESPONSIBILITY!

For example, once you arrive at the airport:

• you can use a pre-booked shuttle service (Like Con-x-ionn you are travelling alone (who will give you a 10% discount as a GK member) or Point to Point Tours and Transfers if you are travelling in a group);

• you can make use a taxi on arrival (warning: this might be excessively costly - but can be shared);

• take the train or the bus (info is on the summit website and more details stipulated below);

• hire a car (can also be shared); or

• or perhaps have a family member or a friend living there, pick you up.

Taking the SHUTTLE from Brisbane Airport

It costs roughly R1 850 for a pre-booked shuttle with Point to Point Tours and Transfers, 4 people travelling in a group, will cost roughly R 462.50 per person per trip from and to Brisbane Airport.

Taking the BUS from Brisbane Airport

Should you decide to catch the bus from Brisbane Airport, the cost will be roughly 44 AUD (R404) you should plan to arrive at the Surfers' Paradise Transit Centre (at 10 Beach Road, Surfers' Paradise).  The Centre is about a 17minute, 1.4km walk from the Hotel.  You might wish to take a taxi from the Centre. 

Taking the TRAIN from Brisbane Airport

You will take the train’s airport line to the Nerang stop (airport line runs into the Gold Coast line).   From the Nerang stop you need to catch a bus (#740) to Cypress Ave along Surfers Paradise and then walk 715m to the hotel.  The website has a great trip planner app where you can enter your starting and ending point and then map the trip and price. 

The decision remain yours, as each option has a different price and different variables.  For example, the bus fare might be the cheapest, but might take the longest.  If your flight arrives at 03:00 in the morning, then the shuttle and the taxi will be your only options, as the train and bus services are likely to be closed.  You might be saving with a cheaper flight arriving at obscure hours, but your taxi trip to the hotel and extra night's accomodation might be highly expensive. Otherwise, on arrival at the airport, make your way through to the information desk at the bus station or the train station and ask for assistance as Australians can speak English and will be able to assist you. 



South African Citizens need to apply for a Visa.  According to our information, you will have to apply for a Visitor’s Visa Subclass 600 for holiday purposes, valid for up to 3 months. (

The website specifies that South Africans need to visit one of the Australian High Commissions in SA (Pretoria, Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town) to lodge their application by appointment.  (Addresses for the different embassy locations are on their website).  Information on the website indicates that South Africans are able to apply online if you are willing to make the payment via credit card on line. See:

A visa will cost you between AUD130 to AUD335 – which at the moment is roughly R1 240 – R3 200 and will take about 1 month to process.  Keep this in mind and plan accordingly. Prior to making your visa application appointment, you will need to have proof of your purchased flight, proof of your booked accommodation, proof that you have paid your Summit registration and proof of cash in AUD for living expenses. Put in a different way, your flights, accommodation and registration will have to be booked and paid for at least two months before your departure, so that you can still make a visa appointment and receive your visa in time for your trip.  

Once you have thoroughly researched all the documents that you need to prepare as stipulated on the website, and you have these ready, you can start your application process for a Subclass 600 Visitor’s Visa here: 


Let's imagine you are travelling in a group of 4, planning to arrive in Australia on Wednesday 15 July at Brisbane Airport and travel via a shuttle to the hotel, and depart on Sunday 19 July, then your costs might potentially accumulate to something slightly similar to the following*: 

Summit Registration

R4 404


R3 200


R15 000

Shuttle to and from Brisbane Airport


Accommodation (4 nights shared) at Marriot Resort

R2 300


R1 600

Entertainment/Pocket Money

R2 000


R30 000

Less Travel Grant**

R14 500

Less GK SA Office Subsidy sharing R8000

R2 000

Less Additional funding from local companies (secured by yourself) / your university?



R13 500


*Please keep in mind that this is a rough estimate of costs and expenses based on current searches on the internet.  These prices are likely to change and will differ for each individual depending on their own chosen itinerary.  The Golden Key South Africa Office are not liable for the costs used in the example above.  It is based on information currently available for bookings as on the 26th January 2015.

**PLEASE TAKE NOTE: You will only receive the travel grant, by EFT to a bank account on arrival at the Marriott Resort in Australia on 16 July after you have registered in person at the Summit.  No cash or transfers will be made prior to this condition.  No exeptions will be made and payments will only be made by EFT!

Overseas travel is always expensive, especially given the current exchange rates.  Still, if you can raise the funds, we would love to suggest that you do not only travel for the three day conference, but also to do some travelling of your own.  Experiences gained through travelling are well worth the cost involved.

If you have any other questions, please send them to the Atlanta office who are in charge of organising this event at  

PS Remember to apply for the Travel Grant before 30 January 2015!!!

PPS This is a trivial point – but remember to keep your eyes open for the difference between USD and AUD currencies!


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