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Congratulations - Muhammed Bilaal Ismail!

Golden Key wants to congratulate Muhammed Bilaal Ismail for being named the winner of the Student Leader of the Year 2013!

We received high standard applications!

The Statement from the winner:

Bilaal.png"The University of KwaZulu-Natal chapter of the prestigious Golden Key International Honour Society has seen vibrant growth over the past few years. During this time, I had the privilege of working in a few key roles in the chapter, namely, Webmaster, Chapter President and Central President. I am immensely grateful to our fellow South African Chapters for their wonderful and influential Golden Key projects which had motivated me to overcome our challenges here. They had catalysed our team to fulfil the potential of our Golden Key chapter and try to make it one of the best in the country! Furthermore, I cannot underscore the immense value that each member and advisor has brought to our portfolio more firmly and even though our Chapter received two special recognition awards in 2013, we still have a vision to progress. The team will continue to go all-out in 2014!

Having said this, I am absolutely honoured to receive the Student Leader of the Year 2013 award. I see it not only as an epitomizing personal achievement, but also as a reflection of the success that the UKZN Golden Key Chapter has attained. By winning this award, I have proven to myself that I am a person who can lead further, encourage others and keep growing. I sincerely hope to continue this trend and one day become a guiding influence to better our community in every way. I wish to express my sincere appreciation and thank Golden Key for providing me with the opportunities to reach this point and for selecting me as the recipient of this esteemed award."

More information about this award valued at R10 000.00.

Golden Key International Honour Society recognises the most gifted students on campuses around the world.  Active Golden Key members are leaders in academics, on campus and in the community.  The Society has designed an award to honour these students for their visionary leadership.

The Regional Student Leader of the Year Awards are designed to recognise one talented Golden Key member per region for outstanding commitment to Golden Key, as well as for campus and community leadership and academic achievement.

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Congratulations - Akinlolu Makinwa Winner: Study Abroad Scholarship Award US$1,000

Akinlolu.pngPersonal  Statement.

I hereby wish to express my profound gratitude to the Golden Key International Honour Society for selecting me for the 2013 study abroad scholarship award. Thank you for the honour bestowed on me, my family, my University and my country. Winning this award among many applicants is a milestone for me and a confirmation of my call to contribute to the emergent and essential field of youth and family ministry, especially in Africa. It also means, to me, that Golden Key International Society recognizes the fact that all field of study has the potential to make impact in the society. Since I have come to a conclusion that the fruits of all scientific and technological advancements are likely to be nullified if the present predicaments of youth and families, which constitute any society, are not addressed as essential to a stable economy, peaceful coexistence and sustainable community development projects, I have committed myself to the study of youth and family and empowerment of youth and families.

As a practical Theologian, this award will assist me to pursue my quest to be grounded in the study of youth and families in order to become a resource-person for prospective and practicing youth and family ministers in Africa. This award will help me to collaborate and dialogue with fellow youth and family ministers abroad as we continue to seek effective ways to address the challenges faced by youth and families. The lessons learnt from my study abroad will also contribute to the outcome of my PhD dissertation in Youth Ministry as I seek to identify, analyze and establish the theological foundations of youth and family ministry for a good life-transforming practice.

My graduate school concentration is youth ministry but I am focusing on youth and family ministry approach. My home town is Ilesa which is situated in Osun State in the Western region of Nigeria. Presently, I am affiliated with the South African Council of Educators (SACE) with a temporary registration number F 11124015,  Canticum Novum Stellenbosch University which is a 55 year old Choir, the Golden Key Stellenbosch University Chapter, and the Deeper Life Campus Fellowship at Stellenbosch University.

Other awards that I have won include:

·      The University of Stellenbosch merit award for students with Cum Laude 2013.

·      HOPE Bursary award from the Faculty of Theology, University of Stellenbosch 2011/2012.

·      South Korean Missionaries Scholarship Award for African Student studying Theology 2010–2012.

·      Educating Africans for Christ (EAFC), United States of America scholarship award 2008.


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Congratulations - Jacques van der Berg Winner: Study Abroad Scholarship Award US$1,000

Jacques vdB.png

Personal Statement by Jacques van der Berg

I would kindly like to express my gratitude to the Golden Key Honor Society and the Golden Key Board of Directors for the amazing support I received with the scholarship. The 2013 study abroad scholarship will definitely support me in my studies abroad, especially the research I am working on in collaboration with Stellenbosch University in South Africa and Lund University in Sweden.


The conduction of an evaluation and development study in both a South African and European context as mentioned above could be very interesting in the development of Packaging and Logistics. Furthermore, based on the collaboration in packaging logistics with Stellenbosch University and Lund University, the investigation of packaging systems in Europe and South Africa will be researched in my Master’s Thesis. Such studies are rare and needed in the further development of knowledge.   


Personal Quote

“I would kindly like to express my gratitude to the Golden Key Honor Society and the Golden Key Board of Directors for the amazing support I received with the scholarship.” “I am grateful for the support I received in order to work on my Master’s Thesis in collaboration with Stellenbosch University in South Africa and Lund University in Sweden.”


Graduate school concentration

Stellenbosch University, MComm in Logistics Management


Home town

Durbanville, Cape Town, South Africa

We wish Jacques all the best with his future endeavours!

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GK Stellenbosch Volunteer Training Session

Don't miss the Funda Fundisa information and volunteer training session today (13th of February) and a repeat session on Monday (17th of February) at 17:30 in the Library Auditorium. Everyone is welcome, even if you are not yet sure if you want to tutor.

Also like Funda Fundisa on Facebook!



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Golden Key Awarded R750 000+ to South African Members in 2013

Congratulations once again to the remarkable South African Golden Key Members who were named winners of various International Scholarships and Awards!

They are:

KM Ikebuaku                          Travel Grant: Asia Pacific Summit – US$2,500

George Chimowa                   GK Education Research Grant – US$1,000

Julia Boonzaier                      GK Study Abroad Award – US$1,000

Yvonne Gartner                     GK Graduate Scholar Award – US$10,000

Fritz Agbor                             Undergrad Achievement Award – US$5,000

Yvonne Gartner                     Community Service Award – US$1,000

Sendi Gandadzanwa             Undergrad Achievement Award – US$5,000

Gerald Chikosi                       GK Graduate Scholar Award – US$10,000

Jan-Willem Steeb                  Undergrad Achievement Award – US$5,000

Muhammed B Ismail             GK Graduate Scholar Award – US$10,000

Fonkui Thierry                      GK Research Grant – US$1,000

Mignon du Preez                   Undergrad Achievement Award – US$5,000

Tariro Anifasi                         Undergrad Achievement Award – US$5,000

 It is a wonderful feeling to provide financial assistance to members who realize their potential! 

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GK NMMU and NMMU Disability Unit Tutorship Programme

In an endeavour to get more Golden Key members participating in activities and assist them in gaining invaluable experience whilst at NMMU, the GK NMMU Chapter started a new tutor’s programme in partnership with the NMMU Disability Unit.

The tutorship programme seeks to assist GK members in gaining experience that count towards two of the Golden Key pillars namely, Academics and Service. As this is a voluntary programme, Golden Key will recognise such service on the new Co-Curricular Record (CCR) which will be part of each student’s official NMMU academic record. This will prove that while being at NMMUGK members took time to assist fellow students and participated in activities other than their personal studies. Potential learning areas for each GK member includes improved time management skills, becoming adaptable in working with people from different backgrounds, who may have different abilities. The idea is to make our GK members as marketable and as employable as possible.

The GK executive committee and fellow GK members attended two training workshops in order to equip them with skills to fulfil their tasks as potential GK Tutors. The first training workshop, Diversity in Communication, on 2 March was facilitated by NMMU Student Counselling which concentrated on respect for diverse cultures and breaking stereotypes and prejudices. The second workshop held on 8 March was called Disability Etiquette and was hosted by the Disability Unit. It equipped the GK members with skills to work with disabled student while being sensitive to their individual needs.

GK members have also become DU volunteers. They have the opportunity to scribe for disabled students which means that they assist students to write tests by reading and writing for them. The GK Tutor programme is a pilot project which we hope will continue for years to come.


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Autism Eastern Cape and GK NMMU

Autism Eastern Cape aims to give information and support to families living with autism. It is a registered non-profit organisation. It currently has 17 children with the oldest being 12 years old. It takes up to 20 children max. It has more boys than girls. It has two qualified teachers and three assistant teachers. It has an in house psychologist, a speech therapist and an occupational therapist that are funded by the parents of the children. AEC is an early intervention centre that takes in children from the age of two to about six with the exception of Owethu (12) who had to be pulled out of private school because he was unable to cope. They carry out observations, in cases of children brought in by their parents. They opened up an adult centre that deals with life skills training.

Overall, the experience was great. It was very enlightening; it brought more focus on the fact that not many people out there know a lot about Autism. It brought to light the types of Autism and the kind of care these children need, the patience it requires and attention that they need. Facilities for these children are lacking and if funds can be raised, a lot of Autistic children could be helped. Autistic children are all different, no two kids are the same, but what they need from people is the same. They have concrete thinking and a lot of people need to be aware of what they can do for these children.


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Golden Key South Africa - Makes a Difference

To support the Service pillar of Golden Key , a service Initiative in co-operation with the Western Cape Golden Key chapters (University of the Western Cape, University of Cape Town and University of Stellenbosch) partnered with Nooitgedacht Primary School. We made 800 stationary bags filled with a ruler, pencils, a pen and highlights and 300 colour-in books along with crayons and educational posters. The Principal, Mr Carolissen, attended the service project and handing over.

Charlene Gunter, Director of Golden Key South Africa was impressed by these leaders' initiatives in making a difference in the lives of scholars. "It was remarkable to see what can be done with just supplying creative thinkers with white paper, coloured paper, scissors, glue and a project to make educational posters for the classroom."



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Wits Chapter - CANSA Support Campaign

Wits Golden Key Society has decided to form a strategic partnership with the Cancer Association of South Africa (CANSA), to help raise awareness of childhood cancer through selling golden ribbons. The golden ribbon is an international symbol for childhood that is used to unite under, if people know what it means. Sadly, when asked, most people are not able to identify the gold ribbon as the symbol of childhood cancer awareness. Therefore, through "Going Gold", Golden Key will be helping families and children undergoing cancer treatment and their families to feel that more awareness and support exists for the battle they are waging with childhood cancer .It is in this regard that Wits Golden Key has purchased 100 ribbons from CANSA, and has been selling the ribbons to the Wits community at R10.00 per ribbon as a means to raise awareness of childhood cancer. The money that is raised from the ribbon sales has been given to CANSA-tlc to help meet the financial commitments that they have towards providing care for under privileged children undergoing cancer treatment.

As of current state, Wits Golden Key is not allowed to sell ribbons because the university is in monotorium, meaning University clubs and societies are not allowed to have any promotions, events or anything that involves a student not focusing on their mid-year examinations. Therefore, selling golden ribbons during the May-June months would be operating against the dean’s monotorium policy. However, Wits Golden Key has plans to increase their golden ribbon sales in July because of the positive response that it has received from the Wits community, especially in the Medical School.

The costs incurred are R1000.00 that was spent on purchasing golden ribbons from CANSA to sell. Golden Key has plans to increase these sales based as the interest in golden ribbons sales increase within the Wits Community.


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