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UWC GK Chapter in Support of Stop Hunger Now

“There comes a time when we heed a certain call, and the world must come together as one”. Never have we as the Golden Key executive committee connected with the lyrics of this song as we did in support of International Volunteers Day last year November when we helped Stop Hunger Now pack thousands of meals at De Vrije Zee Primary School to feed the poor.

Golden Key, the Lions Club, and many people of the public all came together to help Stop Hunger Now reach a target of packing 17500 meals. With our gloves, hairnets, and positive energy, we proudly reached that goal. One meal pack has enough nutrients to sustain an adult for an entire day. Each food pack contains rice, soya, veggie mix, and a small packet of 21 nutrients.

We arrived at the school excited and with a mindset to help. We left that school feeling proud, knowing we had contributed our small parts in making a big difference.

Stop Hunger Now is a worldwide relief organisation that manages the distribution of food and other life-saving aid around the world. The organisation is driven by a vision to end world hunger in our lifetime in the most sustainable, efficient and effective manner.

Stop Hunger Now Meal Packaging Programme depends on donations in order to fund each meal-packaging event. Each meal cost only R2.50, R15 a bag which feeds six people, so whatever your contribution, it can make a big difference.

If you are interested in helping Stop Hunger Now, contact the Cape Town office at

Tel/Fax: +27 12 705 6278

Postal Address: PO Box 342, Plumstead, 7801, Western Cape, South Africa. Or

Physical Address: Unit 23, Constantiaberg Business Park, Princessvlei Road, Diepriver, Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa


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Library Project - UWC GK Project

On the 27th of April, we started on our library project at Nooitgedacht Primary School. We had many GK volunteers, members and non-members; the executive itself was a great turn out. However, there was a lot to be done; duties were cleaning of the Library room, cutting of the colour paper for the labelling of the books (colour categorization) and sorting out books and putting them in their specific categories.

On the 8th of May GK UWC, hosted a CV training which was conducted by the Office for Student Development (OSD).  The training was helpful but people were sceptical, not many submitted their CVs for feedback. The turnout was very low, reasons maybe because many were writing tests, preparing for exams or they just did not want to. However, those that attended found very useful.

The Open Day is one of the University's biggest events as it provides the different Faculties and student organizations with the opportunity to market what they have to offer for the prospective student. It is with much pleasure to note that Golden Key UWC Chapter was part of such an event.  It on the 11th of May and this gave Golden Key an opportunity to showcase what the society stands for even before the students enrol so that they make efforts to work hard in order to be invited to the society. This was also a good chance to eliminate the common issue that Golden Key faces which publicity not a lot of people know about Golden Key so this was a stage to prepare these prospective students and get our name out there, as the saying gies "catch them young". The day was characterized by youngsters approaching the information tables asking the executive members what the society was all about, the enthusiasm, excitement and potential was captured as they left the table promising to work hard. Lastly we also got to introduce Golden Key to the parents who were very interested and proud and this is very important if student have their parents supporting them and encouraging them to join Golden Key.


More so, as the UWC Executive team with the help of volunteers, we are having information tables from the 13-15 of May. Thus, showcase the Golden key and help those with enquiries regarding being invited to becoming a golden key member. So far it has been going well and many students are keen to know more about what Golden key is about, its benefits. It has been a success, however, from the experience in the two days of having the tables; many students are not keen to pay the R495 membership fee. Their question is why then do we have to pay, are we supposed to pay for being bright in school? Also, many of the volunteers that seemed interested in helping out have not turned up. On the 15th we will be running our two events concurrently, thus, information tables and our first GK braai fundraising which the proceeds will go towards the Nooitgedacht Primary School project, every executive member had to sell ten coupons prior to the event so that we would not incur a loss in the event that people don’t buy on the day. We anticipate it is going to be a great day for us, towards raising the money we need.

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Durban Children’s Home - GK UKZN, Howard Chapter Visit

Project Summary:       


We decided to pay a visit to the Durban Children’s as one of our community service projects. The home could only allow two members from our committee to visit the children. Tanya and Abongile were the two members that went, they were admitted into Saunder’s House with approximately 20 children in the pre-adolescent age group. They played games with the children and had a dance show where the children received a sweet for dancing 



The children at the home are absolutely delightful, which is why we also want to make this an on-going project. In order for us to be granted permission to visit the home in larger numbers, all members need to get a police clearance from the police. Once we get that sorted out we plan on helping the care givers with extra supervision on their Saturday outings or in house activities such as baking with them. The care giviers have expressed that their biggest area of need is adult supervision for the children as they cannot be left unsupervised.  We can offer supervision while they cook and clean.

Unfortunately we were not allowed to take pictures with the children as many of them come from very sensitive backgrounds.


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Easter Party - GK Stellenbosch at Blackheath

On 20 March 2013, the Golden Key Stellenbosch Chapter hosted an Easter Party for the school kids from Blackheath.
Keeping in line with Golden Key’s pillar of service and making an impact by improving local, regional and global communities, the executive team approached this through providing an opportunity for school kids to have a bit of fun.
About 50 school kids were involved in the fun and games. As Golden Key’s primary focus is in education-based service initiatives we strived to ensure that the exercises were coupled with educational aspects.


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GK NMMU and the Ubuntu Education Fund

Mandela Day July 2013: GK NMMU talk on gender issues at Ubuntu Education Fund


In an effort to strengthen our relationship with the Ubuntu Education Fund we visited them on Mandela Day. 18 July, to use our 67 minutes to discuss gender issues with their Future Leaders, who are a group of promising grade 12 students from the surrounding townships. Their resident social worker presented a talk on the effects of pornography and casual sex and the contributions it makes on violence in society. Thereafter we opened the floor which comprised of GK NMMU members, 3 executive officers and the grade 12 learners. We used the roaming mic system and everyone contributed comments or questions which were initially answered by the social worker but later progressed into an open floor discussion. It was a great afternoon which allowed both the grade 12 students and the GK members to learn a lot from each other’s experiences and opinions. We ended the afternoon by introducing them to the Pledge and gave each student a ‘Make the Pledge’ badge and they all signed our 17metre pledge.

 nmmu ubuntu.jpg

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UP Walk for Warmth

Walk for Warmth- walking to help keep others warm

Walk for Warmth is a fundraising initiative to raise money in order to donate warm clothing and blankets, as well as money to those less fortunate this coming winter. The event took place on Saturday, the 25th of May at LC de Villiers. It consisted of a 5 km and a 10 km fun walk/run which created awareness about those less privileged individuals, with all donations received going to charities of which Golden Key UP Chapter is specifically involved with.

The event was a success with prizes being awarded to the 1st and 2nd man and woman in both races. Participants also donated blankets and clothing prior and at the event, which will all be distributed to those less fortunate.

This was a lovely day dedicated to all our brothers who need some warmth and we hope we make a difference in the lives we are able to reach. We also hope this initiative will continue...

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Sandwich Day

Friday afternoon was a lovely day to give back! Our chapter took to the streets and gave fresh homemade sandwiches to the hungry around the Durban south beachfront area. We had a positive response from general members who wanted to participate.  The afternoon initiative was a successful and all sandwiches were given away.


§  Giving back to the poor and destitute evoked warmth in our hearts, and was just another reassurance of how fortunate we all are.

§  The beneficiaries were utterly grateful and kindly asked that we come back again soon.

§  Our Chapter envisions making the Sandwich Day a monthly community service initiative targeting different parts of Durban. There are many hungry people on the streets of Durban that need and will appreciate our help, and Golden Key can make an even bigger difference.

 Sand 2.jpg


Sand 3.jpg

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Howard College - UKZN Urban Herd Boys Motivational Talk/ Tour of UKZN Howard

Urban Herd Boys is an organisation founded by Mr. Sandile Mbatha, a Housing Masters lecturer at UKZN. The organisation comprises of eight bright grade twelve students from eight different rural schools around Durban. There are in total, five boys and three girls. They show great potential to be inspiring leaders one day, and the organisation is a stepping stone for them to achieve great things.

On the 26th of April 2013 the UKZN Golden Key Executive Committee hosted the Urban Herd Boys group at the University as a community service project. We started off in the Jubilee gardens, where all girls and boys, including Golden Key Exec members participated in an ice-breaker game. The ice-breaker game helped increase interactivity and allowed the scholars to relax and feel free to ask questions. It also allowed all participants to get to know each other by name.

The activities began with each executive member giving the students information about the degrees they were studying. The students were then asked about the studies they wanted to pursue and were given information about admissions application deadlines, and possible ways to get funding for studies. We provided them with refreshments while advising them about career choices and options available at Howard. Lunch was provided for the students and afterwards they were given a tour of the university grounds. They were shown into the main buildings of most faculties (science labs, law library, classics museum, etc.). The main purpose of the event was to motivate and encourage students to further their education and their tertiary studies. We wanted to inform them that there were many opportunities available for the, especially in terms of obtaining funding.

The visit from the Urban Herd Boys group proved to be stimulating for all. The group of boys and girls showed off good manners and interacted well in all activities. Most of the scholars were interested in studying engineering and some leaned toward humanities. Overall they learnt about the method of applying to university, the benefits of financial aid and the UNITE program- for scholars from previously disadvantage backgrounds who want to study engineering. During the tour of Howard College Campus the group of scholars was taken to the engineering department first, where they had an opportunity to partake in experiments and briefly listen in on lectures. From there they were taken to the humanities department to view the LAN (Computer rooms) and the Classics department museum of Archeology. They were given a brief talk and showed around by Professor Hilton from the Classics department.

A poem: Our Deepest Fear by Marianne Williamson

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness That most frightens us.
We ask ourselves Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God.
Your playing small Does not serve the world. There's nothing enlightened about shrinking So that other people won't feel insecure around you.
We are all meant to shine, As children do. We were born to make manifest The glory of God that is within us.
It's not just in some of us; It's in everyone.
And as we let our own light shine, We unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we're liberated from our own fear, Our presence automatically liberates others.

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UCT Chapter Tutor Programme

                              UCT Tutor.jpg


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NWU Mahikeng: Educational Outreach Initiative

When a child smiles then it never rains” said the president of committee the international golden key honour society, Odirile Ramafoko representing the North West University –Mafikeng campus chapter. The committee made of students recognized top performing student of the university organized a fun filled day for the children of kagontle child care center in Montshioa. The children were spoiled with exciting games donations including, food, toys and clothes from the society, which were collected via donations from the university. The center is a shelter for homeless and destitute children who come from very poor families with no food on the table it a haven for these children to also have a shot at life with an actual future. “The center started in 1999 and we were registered in 2001 it is now funded by the department of social development as a shelter for children living and working on and off the streets as well as destitute children.” Mostly these children are from lonely park, signal Hill and other villages around”, Said the manager of the center Noluthando Mashinini. With the center hosting around 32 children from 6-18 years of age, Mashinini and her friends surpassed all odds and continued to show her indefatigable love compassion and care to these kids her resilience carried her through the days when they used to even ask for even rotten food donations and giving up her nursing job just to care for these children. “The opportunities that are given here is that they notice that are loved out there…, because most of them get the misfortune of being abused out there.” Some of the children did not even have Birth certificates and their parents don’t even have identity documents as well at the center they are placed in schools.

The organization aims at fostering hope to these to dream bigger, inculcating a sense of believe that nothing is impossible. “We would like to see you prosper and attend university like ourselves” said Nikita Naee’lah Dellwaria, vice president of the IGKHS-North West University Mafikeng campus chapter committee. One of the children who lives at the center Tshediso Moleleki(18) stood out with his impeccable  rap verses, he sure is a crowd pleaser and maybe even the next Mafikeng motswako origin ale. “I would like to see myself having a recording contract,” expressed the young hopeful lad.

Unfortunately for kids like Tshediso this might be the end of the road, as a child center it can only keeps children until they are 18 , some of them do go back home after their families have been rehabilitated, with close relationship with the department of social development. Mrs Mashinini, expressed hopes to apply for a higher certificate allowing her to open a child and a youth center that will enable her to keep the children in the shelter until they are 22 and able to fend for themselves.

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